Is My Car Rental Covered?

Is My Car Rental Covered? You’ve arrived at your destination, picked up your luggage, and made your way to the car rental counter to pick up your rental car. You review your contract with the agent, who verifies the cost of the rental, then tries to sell you a variety of coverage options to “protect” […]

Staying Safe & Being Prepared for the Holidays

Staying Safe & Being Prepared for the Holidays The holidays are a wonderful time, filled with food, family, friends and fun. But seasonal celebration can also bring an increase in risks that can result in inconvenience, injury and insurance claims. Here are some common holiday headaches and how to avoid them. Purloined Packages. Ordering your […]

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Insurance is designed to protect you from life’s unexpected events, but the amount of insurance you carry can make a big difference in how well you’re equipped to handle, and recover from, unfortunate events. Here are some handy guidelines to help you determine how much insurance you need. Car insurance Connecticut (and almost every other […]